Jazz Cartier Payphone

Payphone on site

Image shared on @JazzCartier's Instagram story

Client: Universal Music Canada

Campaign: Jazz Cartier "Right Now" Single

Media Planner: Jora Hayman

Role: Coordinator and Creative Lead


Media & Strategy: OOH/Guerrilla for awareness

Production: Printed and assembled in-house 

OOH Vendors: Grassroots


Payphone placed near the Rogers Centre during peak basketball/baseball season to drive engagement to the payphone. 

The activation was assisted by a toll-free number and Spotify code to promote the single, "Right Now". An audio sample of the single is programmed into the payphone, once the receiver is lifted or call to the number.



Keeping to Jazz's floral brand, the overall payphone design is met with a simple and sleek finish. Jazz's iconic flower logo strikes against the black faux leather, in contrast to it's surroundings.