Colgate - Justice League


In lieu of the upcoming 2017 Justice League film, this series of illustrated print ads promote Colgate's products, with each superhero targeting various oral concerns:

Batman - Gum Defence
Flash - Mint Floss
Wonder Woman - Optic Whitener

It is not often we envision or see our favourite superheroes in everyday mundane scenarios. Moments of having leftover veggies stuck in their teeth after a quick lunch break, or tarnished gums from smoking or heavy coffee consumption because they have bigger issues to worry about. For all we know, they absolutely love drinking red wine. Recognizing this humanistic side to these grand personas, it will help to promote that oral hygiene is something we take for granted. Unlike these heroes, we can afford to spend a bit more time on our teeth than them. 

The campaign is to print the illustrations on heat-sensitive paper, where it engages the consumers to touch, and see first hand the difference the products makes. (See below for demonstration of the Before & After